FotoKem provides production strategies and support from pre-production through finishing on any level for file-based acquisition, multiple cameras and formats, locations, and multiple deliverables.
Our unique Metadata-Based WorkflowSM service redefines efficiencies of color and data transfer across multiple platforms. The nextLAB® suite of tools can be integrated and customized into your production's pipeline, streamlining the entire process.

On-Set Solutions

Live Color

nextLAB® Live: Simple, inexpensive solution for creating looks and corrections from a live camera feed. Can be provided in a ready-to-go kit or installed on existing DITs kit. Comes with FotoKem engineering and color science support, monitor calibration, and look development from our Dailies and Finishing colorists.

Media Management

nextLAB® On-Set: The "Blue" Cart with nextLAB® software, integrated RAID6, UPS, and expander for maximum
performance. Realtime RAW playback, Stereo, Dailies Prep, Transcoding, Color, and whatever the production needs.
Comes with calibrated monitors, custom configuration for each productions, and backed by FotoKem engineering support to ensure the DIT / Data Manager / Loader is not left without the foundation of a support system in a challenging production environment, where media safety and the flow of data and
color is key.

nextLAB® On-Set Lite: Laptop deployment for media management and setting color. For projects where mobility is a preference. Comes with the same fully functional nextLAB® software for all the primary media management and color considerations in a smaller package, when the support of a secondary system off site will be doing most of the heavy lifting.

Near-Location Solutions

Dailies / Post / VFX Pulls

nextLAB® Post is our standard remote location post
production offering for file based projects. It includes
a self enclosed rolling cart or under-desk kit with a
RAID6, LTO 5 decks, Uninterruptible Power Supply,
and networked connected 24-7 support from
the facility. These kits can be integrated into an editorial
environment or remote lab, near-set, or customer facility.

nextLAB® Post + starts with a full production strategy discussion during pre-production. It often includes custom software solution for specific workflow requirements and streamlining of the process. We have created custom methods of integration for filmmaker pro databases, digital dailies uploads, and visual effects creation procedures, to empower our customers with a fully customized remote post production environment, backed by 24-7 support of an entire post production facility for peace of mind.