File-Based Delivery

FotoKem specializes in encoding video masters to a variety of file formats typical for computers, streaming,
and media center playback devices. Our Media Services division handles transcoding of specialty file formats
as distribution, playback, and archival elements, such as J2K, ProRes, H.264, and Flash.


In 2013 FotoKem joined an exclusive group of facilities as a Netflix preferred vendor, passing
the content providers’ rigorous standard of service, quality, and security.


  • Third Party Data Transfer Software: Aspera, SmartJog, DigiDeliver, YouSendIt, Signiant, FTP/SFTP
  • Capture devices include Digital Rapids, Final Cut Pro, Amberfin, Inlet
  • Scalable capacity to meet high volume quick turnaround requests

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FotoKem's global network is the most secure way to send digital files anywhere in the world via an Internet
connection. We send compressed (Avid/FCP edit-ready media) and uncompressed (dpx, tiff, etc.) media to
and from any number of locations. Our globalDATA® solution consists of proprietary software written and
designed by our software engineers to serve the international needs of our clients, and is compatible on
Linux, Mac (Intel) and PC platforms.


  • Cross Continent Animation Workflows
  • Visual Effects Clip Management from any file formats
  • International Trailer Distribution
  • Trailer/EPK Broadcast Files
  • Avid, FCP, and DVD Disc Image Dailies or H.264 viewing media

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FotoKem created nextSPOT® to leverage the increasing availability of high speed network connectivity and the
acceptance of file-based delivery. nextSPOT® is a powerful media collaboration and distribution platform that
enables clients to review, approve, and distribute short and long-form content to any desired location with a
simple and cost-effective pricing model with no time-constraints, rush charges or hidden fees. Harness the
power of nextSPOT® to seamlessly distribute your content to an international market, with unprecedented
functionality and usability.


  • Competitive pricing for HD duplication and distribution
  • Rush orders without extra fees
  • Post Production, Spot Finishing, Network Clearance, Duplication, Distribution, and Spot-Tracking
  • Network Approval, Delivery Confirmation, and On Air Performance
  • Web-based Client Dashboard user interface

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Scanning & Film Recording

We use the best film scanners on the market for digitizing film at the highest resolution and dynamic range available.

FotoKem currently has the highest resolution scanner in the world for capturing 65mm negative at 11K,
used for many high end features shooting for giant screen cinema applications, as well as specialty shots
in feature production.

Recording film from digital images is enhanced by a closed-loop calibration with our own film laboratory, allowing
an advanced degree of control over seamless conversion from digital intermediate images to film, from 35mm to
65mm at 8K resolution.

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Digital Cinema Packages

FotoKem masters encrypted and non-encrypted DCI-compliant 2D and 3D digital cinema packages for global
theatrical distribution, from virtually any source type and resolution. Mastering content at the DCI maximum bit
rate of 250Mb/s, DCPs can be encoded with an even number of audio channels, up to 16. For MOS projects,
silent tracks can be created for maximum compatibility.

Encrypted, watermarked content can be distributed with a KDM (Key Delivery Message) that allows the owner
of the content to choose when / where the content is to be displayed.

FotoKem can add subtitles to 2D packages, either burned into picture, or overlaid at time of projection.
3D package subtitles can go through an enhanced pipeline using depth settings for each shot.

Critical quality assurance is part of the DCP workflow at FotoKem. Tools for QC include the Doremi DMS
2000 server, the largest installed base of servers in the field.

Content can be mastered to CD/DVD, Firewire, with Q/C and distribution. Additionally, FotoKem can mass
duplicate and distribute flash drives.


  • 2D/3D Flat 2K - 1998X1080 Resolution (1.85 Aspect Ratio)
  • 2D/3D Scope 2K - 2048X858 Resolution (2.39 Aspect Ratio)
  • 2D Flat 4K - 3996X2160 Resolution (1.85 Aspect Ratio)
  • 2D scope 4K - 4096X1716 Resolution (2.39 Aspect Ratio)
  • Full raster 2K 2048X1080 (1.9 Aspect Ratio)
  • Full raster 4K 4096X2160 (1.9 Aspect Ratio)
  • 2D frame rates: 24, 30, 60 FPS
  • 3D frame rates: 24, 30 FPS

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“FotoKem always had what I needed,
 when I needed it, no exceptions.”

 Sandra Soczka,
 Post Production Supervisor

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“FotoKem's globalDATA® service
 saved our project during our hours
 of extreme need.”

 Christopher Reyna
 Co-Technical Director of the 2011
 TCM Classic Film Festival,
 Boston Light & Sound