nextLAB Live

Live Color

A live color system provides a mechanism for taking the picture output of a camera or multiple cameras, typically through an SDI feed, and applying color grades and lookup tables (LUTs) to that 'live' image. This is often a preferred method as looks can be created during setup as well as shooting, as opposed to waiting for files to be loaded from the camera mag into a file system before adjusting color.

nextLAB® Live is a simple, inexpensive solution for creating looks and color grades from a live camera feed. The software, designed and developed in-house at FotoKem, was designed to make live color from the camera as simple and accurate as possible. Utilizing display LUTs from the camera manufacturers in conjunction with the ASC CDL (Color Decision List) system, color pipelines from the camera through dailies and finishing "just work". Cinematographers can get the assurance that the image they see on set, on a calibrated monitor, will be the same image throughout the process.

FotoKem offers look development with our finishing colorists, custom LUT creation, on-set and near-location monitor calibration, and technical consultation, so production personnel operating on-set systems gain the supplemental resources of FotoKem's color science and engineering services.

nextLAB® Live is easy to install on an existing DIT
cart or video village setup, or it can be provided
in a ready-to-go suitcase kit.


  • Support for ARRI, RED, Sony, Canon
  • Live SDI feed from camera to inexpensive SDI box
  • Preloaded 3D LUT from Camera Manufactures
  • Video Level Ranging Control
  • ASC/CDL Color support and creation of CDL files
  • Multiple Color Control Panel Support
  • Easy-to-Use interface
  • Color Presets for ease of recall
  • Bypass to check exposure from camera