FotoKem's globalDATA® is a cost-effective software platform designed to quickly and efficiently transmit
digital files worldwide. The globalDATA® software provides file-based distribution via any internet connection
for studio advertising and publicity, trailers, animation and visual effects. Utilizing AES-256 encryption, data
is sent under the highest globally recognized security standard, providing safe transfers virtually anywhere
in the world. And because it operates on common platforms, such as Mac, Windows, and Linux, it requires
no additional hardware.

Case Studies

AdPub (Studio Advertising & Publicity)
Assets: EPK, trailers, promotional material, and interviews are created at the studio level
Deliverables: Distribution centers around the world for local delivery to theaters, TV studios, radio stations, web-based facilities

Animation (Created & Rendered in Korea, Japan, China, Singapore)
Assets: Uncompressed, partial sequences, versioned shots, or completed episodes at animation studios in Asia
Deliverables: Post facilities such as FotoKem or KMP for on-air prep, finish color, audio layback, tape transfer, media encoding

Visual Effects Pipelines (Feature & Television)
Assets: Scanned film, captured from tape, organized per studio specification at FotoKem or other local facility
Deliverables: Visual effects facilities around the world (London, Vancouver, India, San Francisco, New York) and back again for
Digital Intermediate or Filmout (or alternate DI facilities worldwide)

globalDATA® Has Delivered Digital Files to
600+ Locations in Over 55 Countries

globalDATA Map

FotoKem Locations

Los Angeles (Burbank, Hollywood, Santa Monica)
San Francisco
New York City
New Orleans

Points of Presence (P.O.P.)

Burbank (Serving Western U.S.)
San Francisco (Serving Western U.S.)
Seattle (Serving Western U.S.)
New York City (Serving the Midwest, Eastern U.S.)
Amsterdam, Netherlands (Serving Europe, Middle East, Africa)

Seoul, Korea (Serving Asia, Asia-Pacific)

Client List

Warner Bros
Millennium Entertainment

Atlantic Records
Samuel Goldwyn
Sony Pictures
Anchor Bay Films
20th Century Fox Animation
Industrial Light and Magic

Lucasfilm LTD
Bento Box
ABC Cable Networks Group DreamWorks
Studio Canal

20th Century Fox
CBS Television Productions
Turner Broadcasting
ABC Studios
Sony Pictures Television